Destan Sarpkaya of life, production and consumption

About me

  • A passionate software developer.
  • Enterprise web developer.
  • Free software enthusiast. (Free as in free speech)
  • Proud member of Turkish Linux Users Association (LKD)
More about me?

  • I have developed software with mainly JavaEE (Spring) and Javascript. I somehow know Angular.js, Node.js, Python and Qt (C++).
  • I love science and scientific talks.
  • I guess I like teaching.
  • I hate cats, Apple, Microsoft and most of the people.

Résumé | CV

You can find my detailed résumé on Linked-in.


Please prefer email to contact me:

Here is my GnuPG public key

Life so far

2013 Founded Kod Gemisi with Zafer
2013 Moved from Istanbul to Izmir
2012 Married to Merve
2011 Software Developer at OBSS
2011 ● Graduated from Yeditepe University
2010 Software Developer at Kartaca
2009 ● Internship at Kartaca
2009 ● Erasmus in Nottingham, UK
2006 ● Enrolled in Yeditepe University
1988 Born